5 Budget-Friendly Restaurant You Can Visit In Thailand

Bangkok, as one of the prosperous city in Thailand, is rich in many things; the culture, its people, and good foods. Many food bloggers and lovers around the world visit Bangkok to try Thai foods. In this article, we’re going to have a trip to Thailand budget-friendly restaurant you can visit and eat delicious Thai foods.
Daniel Thaiger Burgers
Craving for a burger? Daniel Thaiger Burgers is one of the best Thai restaurants in the city of Bangkok. Daniel Thaiger Burgers assure to you of serving freshly cook and delicious burgers. Thaiger burger cost £3.
Lookshin Tongchai
The streets of Bangkok are also abundant in different street food snacks. Lookshin Tongchai gives you their delicious handmake meatballs and grill it over hot charcoal. Lookshin Tongchai serves you their grilled meatballs with a sweet and spicy sauce. The cost of grilled meatballs is only £0.15, which can make you snack delightful.
Chamlong Asoke
If you’re on the vegetarian style, Thailand, especially in Bangkok, is a great place for you. Chamlong Asoke as a vegetarian food court you can have and eat everything you want. The foods they served is all vegetarian, and each dishes range in price from £0.40 to £1.
Prachak bet yang
This Thai restaurant served and selling their best roast duck with rice and noodles for many years. Prachak Bet Yang can be found right across the street from the Robinson shopping mall in the city of Bangkok.
Nai Oo Restaurant
Nai Oo restaurant offers you and served different Thai curry of your choice. Khao gaeng is a Thai word that refers to a restaurant that serves all sorts of Thai curry with rice, and Nai Oo restaurant has it. You can enjoy a delicious curry with rice for about £0.75 per dish.